Out of all the countries in the world Canada has a lot to be proud of. From the beautiful scenery, to the open mindedness of our people; we as a country are world renowned for being the kindest. This is something pretty impressive!

Our diversity is outstanding. Our Country was first inhabited by the first nation people who grew small settlements and lived off the land. They had very distinct traditions that still are in the hearts of Canadians today. Later on European powers arrived in search for goods, causing Canada to be colonized by the English, French, and some Spanish. This brought a wide assortment of conflict upon our land, but also the cultural impact from many different powers and nations. Throughout the years Canada’s relations with countries have spanned over the entire globe through trades, political policies, and aid relief. This wide range of global influence is impeccable and what makes us such an open minded, accepting country as a whole.

We also have a long written history worth being proud about. From the Underground Railroad, to the battle of Vimy ridge, the telephone, insulin, basketball, key frame animation, McIntosh red apples, snowmobiles, free healthcare, and CanadaArm on the International Space Station. We are a country for our people.

The well being and future of Canadians has always been a primary goal; reinforced by our laws and how we treat one another. What other country can say majority of their stereotypes are positive? The fact we’re world renowned for being polite, playing sports, and enjoying a cold beer, means we haven’t really been on bad terms with anyone politically. So A+ Canada!

Our Human rights place us as the 5th happiest country in the world as of 2015, right underneath some very Socialist nations. So economically, that we as a nation can remain a capitalist country, economically stable, and keep our people happy, means we met our quota as a nation built on respect and democracy.

The Canadian economic influence is probably greater then you’d expect also. We house the world’s largest reserve of fresh water and being the second largest country in the world, have more forestry, housing, farming and oil industry potential then you’d ever imagine. With the Trans-Canada pipeline, we also hold the key to open a wide field of job opportunities for thousands in a variety of trades. Canada also has the North American Free Trade Agreement which connects us closely with the United States, a partnership that has us exporting so many goods at a steady consumption rate. Our dollar is very strong and our unemployment is relatively low in a world of recession.

Overall Canada is an amazing country. With one look at this vast, beautiful nation, you can tell whether you’re from a rural community like me, or a larger city like Vancouver, we’re all Canadian and have every right to be proud of this powerful, loving nation we call home. <3


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  1. Trevor says:

    I love the fact that we have the freedom to wake up any morning and by our own choosing, travel from coast to coast to coast. To journey beyond our own front door step and into our extensive backyard we call our nation. To gather the vast culture and richness of our community we call Canada. The gift of embracing all of whom we are. Canadian. Proud.

    Journey forward Ana.

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