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my little twinkies graduated today from highschool.

It was a long journey but you all made it out alive with your heads held high and Im so proud of those of you I get to call my friends.

Some of you worked your butts off, some of you just slid by. But either way you’re now entering the working world and its just the start of an amazing journey!

What happened in High School will not define you. You are now given the opportunity to be who you want and achieve what you want. As time progresses you’ll realize this more in more.

Im just so proud of all of you! So congratulations to the IB students, the honours students, the students involved in sports, reach for the top, GSA, the lunch table card players, student council members, band hall musicians, dancers, cheerleaders, cougar cafe workers and art kids. Plus anyone else I missed! You all earned this moment walking across the stage and I hope you all do amazing things with your futures.


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