So I am beyond proud of all my high school friends and boyfriend today. Throughout the last two years they have done something I could only dream of doing. They have gone above and beyond the typical High school curriculum and enrolled in a skill testing program called the international baccalaureate (IB). This program tests working knowledge, logical thinking, questioning, working with others, working under time restraints and thrusts the first year of university equivalent towards high school students.

It takes a lot of hard work, late nights and determination to successfully finish even one class of this two year program. That is why i’m so very happy to say that my boyfriend and his best friend completed 3 IB classes and have received their well earned certificates today!

I’m just so, so very proud. Of all the Ib participants and graduates of CEC. You made it guys. This is only the very beginning <3

11392906_10155608340885507_8341587294698532954_n gradd

(Top) Ryan and John (Bottom)John and I



ps. sorry for crying guys…..


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