So here is a sensitive matter about myself.

Everyday I go through life feeling wrong. Typically I struggle through words and reading. I’m slow, I have horrible spelling and grammatical errors, Oral presentations used to terrify me, math or memorizing things is out of the question, and was told in grade ten by a math teacher “You probably won’t graduate on time”

I struggled everyday with school thinking I was just stupid. I’d write essays, spend hours plucking away. Trying to get it perfect, trying to match up to the rest of the class; Only to fall short with “below average”

Seeing my peers around me succeed without struggle. those working as hard as I, getting 90’s. Those working little to nothing getting better marks then me. I was enraged to tears over every assignment I attempted. So I stopped. Somewhere in Jr High I just stopped trying.

When entering my high school career I got to choose courses. My entire mind and body wanted a challenge. Wanted to leap into IB or the French program, Wanted advanced maths and challenging English texts. I loved exploring education and opening my mind to the complexities of the world. But… I wasn’t intelligent enough.. my grades were “Below average”, my tests and teachers showed me that I was “un teachable”. So I took the recommenced standard and foundations.

My first year at high school was the roughest experience I had ever endured. I had gone from complete French courses to English, somewhat challenging academic courses to mind numbly boring ones. Id grasp the knowledge right away but attempting to again vocalize or express it onto paper, was a futile attempt.

I remember it was my second week of school, grade 10. I had just asked the math teacher a question about liner equations (it might have been a language barrier question where I didn’t know the English equivalent). When she demanded me to stand up in front of the quiet class, approach her desk and proceeded to say “Annie, I’m switching you seats to be at the back of the class. Work on your other courses papers, you’re too stupid for this room; you’re going to fail”.. Not only did she address me by the wrong name, She called me stupid. Saying this to a French student just being introduced to English maths only 2 weeks into the course and telling them to simply ‘give up’.

In grade 11 I was diagnosed because of my mothers intervening. After many weeks of getting called to student services to answer a wide range of tests and questions, they came to the conclusion that I was an advanced level student with a learning impairment hand in hand with Dyslexia. All the years I was being taught the wrong way and needed to change my approach to learning and taking exams fast. I wasn’t un-teachable. I was being taught wrong and nobody noticed.

With their recommendation I entered Advanced English 11 and 12 with a special laptop exception which allowed me to do my projects in more of a speak to text, audio book, visual manor. I excelled.

I took

Art IB. completed with a internationally recognized mark of 90%


Technology courses

All with a laptop exception and excelled

And then on graduation day in grade 12. I left high school as an honor student receiving praise and a medal for my exemplary work in the digital technology programs.

currently in the working world, Sometimes I struggle. Manuals, reading instructions, remembering tasks, vocalizing thoughts correctly to peers. But it doesn’t stop me because there’s ways around what my mind is preventing me from doing.

Currently to write this blog i’m using the “speak to text” option on my computer. There’s ways around everything, and this makes me unique. So please never give up on trying to figure out your own special way of achieving greatness. Everyone can, It just takes time and determination.


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