My platform for the pageant is the establishment of equal rights on a global level. This topic is so very dear to me on many levels and I truly believe that with the proper education and representation the equalization of all genders, races, and sexualities can be achieved.

Over the years there have been many giant strides towards the proper and fair treatment of one another but still stigmas, prejudgment and hatred remain to dwell deep within the societal image. Whether it’s towards the homosexual community or the fact women still struggle entering primarily male dominated trades, proves many groups still have their obstacles.

The issue with this problem is the fact that those who commit these unfair acts don’t recognize or refuse to acknowledge that what they’re doing is essentially wrong. Typically due to cultural conditioning; through medias lack of portrayal or the way they we’re brought up.

But my goal is to put an end to this. Everyone deserves a chance and everyone deserves a sense of comfort just being themselves. I plan to continue volunteering my time, motivating my community and inspiring young people towards building a world of respect, following passions, acceptance, and open mindedness.


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